How does B-Cure Laser compare to other devices on the market, and are there any other devices that work in the same way?

There are various devices on the market, such as Tens, ultrasound, magnets, shock-wave, infrared, etc., which are primarily designed to relieve pain. B-Cure Laser on the other hand may also treat the source of the problem.

Our technology is a class 1 laser, no need for protective goggles. B-Cure Laser uses a Low-Level Laser technology, also known as cold laser, which does not burn or heat the tissue. It is meant to stimulate the cells and the production of ATP on a cellular level.

As of today, there is no other LLLT device on the market, intended for professional home use, with so many case studies proving its high efficacy.

The significance of this difference directly affects the level of penetration of the laser beam, and the efficacy of the effect that B-Cure Laser produces.

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