Clinical studies prove the positive impact of low level laser technology in the treatment of pain, orthopedic conditions, inflammation, sports injuries and wounds. Over 2,000 publications – including more than 100 double-blind studies – have backed the efficacy of low level laser therapy.

B-Cure Laser’s effectiveness for the treatment of pain and wounds has been proven in 5 double blind clinical trials on humans, thus providing an expected high level of efficacy in treatment of pets.

5 other clinical trials are in process.

Improve Patient Care and Enhance Client Engagement with At-Home, Low-Level Laser Therapy

OneHealth Applications of Low Level Laser Therapy

An example of OneHealth translational technology is discussed in this review and centers on the benefits of employing a Low Level Laser Therapy device (LLLT) at home for a variety of indications that have similar etiologies and treatment options for both animals and people, including the treatment of arthritis, joint injuries, chronic dermatological conditions, and dental problems.

Joint-Related Pain (TMJ), Sapienza University in Rome, Italy

Clinical trial of 90 patients (30 B-Cure active Laser, 30 placebo, 30 pain relief medication) affected by Joint-Related Pain (TMJ).
The results:

The double blind clinical trial , involving 90 patients, has shown a significant pain reduction in the active group vs the B-Cure Placebo Laser . Significance –  p<0.01

Pain reduction of the active group was not different than the drug group.

Published in: Cranio, April 2019

Post Laminectomy, Beneficência of Sao Paulo Hospital, Brazil

The results showed a decrease of temperature, drainage output, pain relief and accelerated healing in laser group. Significance –  p<0.001 (pain).

The decrease of temperature is an objective measurement ,which further supports the efficacy.

Published in: American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery 2014. (Submission in process)

Dental Implantations, Health Care Institution of Perm, Russia

The use of original LLLT techniques in prevention and treatment regimens before and after dental implantation significantly reduces the frequency and intensity of the pain symptom. Significance –  p<0.01.

Published in: Physics of Cancer: Interdisciplinary Problems and Clinical Applications, Sep 2017

Joint-Related Pain (TMJ), University of Parma, Italy

A 50% decrease in pain level within two weeks, compared to 8% within the control group.
Published in: The “Laser Therapy”, March 2015.

Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Hadassah Medical Center, Israel

12 weeks of daily B-Cure Laser Pro treatments  have significantly decreased wound size in patients with diabetic foot ulcers compared to sham irradiated controls. Significance –  p=0.01.

70% of the active patients but only 11% of the sham patients had >90% wound closure by the end of the study. Significance –  p=0.019.

Published in: 37th Annual Meeting of the Israel Orthopedic Association, Dec 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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