It is important to point out that the B-Cure Laser Vet not only relieves pain, but it also treats the source of the problem.

B-Cure Laser Vet treats acute and long-term pain: Orthopedic problems such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle pain, sprains and tendonitis. Also rheumatism in the knees, neck, lower back, upper back, ankles and fingers, inflammation  and ear infection

In the field of dermatology – wounds and burn.

It can take between three days and three weeks to feel a change for the better. It varies from pets to pets, and depends on the severity of the problem! The majority respond to treatment positively in the first few days, but in some cases, like inflammation, a longer time and more patience is required.

Regarding the dosage: 6–8 minutes on each treatment point, twice a day should suffice to create the desired effect. In the user guide booklet that you will receive with the B-Cure Laser device, there are specific instructions for every type of treatment.

On acute pain, you could stop the treatment and on chronic pain and inflammation, we recommend that you gradually reduce the treatment to once a day, and complete 30 days, in order to maintain the results and to prevent a recurrence of the pain and/or the inflammation.

B-Cure Laser relieves the pain and helps to treat inflammations caused by the problem itself by accelerating the healing process. In some cases B-Cure Laser will not repair physical damage but will decrease the pain.

Most of the leading veterinarians in the field are acquainted with the innovative B-Cure Laser. The technology on which it is based has been in use for over fifty years, in a number of areas of medicine. Leading veterinarians, know about B-Cure Laser, and are happy to recommend it. (There are veterinarians, and/or physiotherapists who are less up-to-date, or who will prefer to treat a pets with just the “traditional” methods they studied – oral or injected medications, physiotherapy, and surgery. They may not see any reason to “outsource” treatment to your “self-treatment” with B-Cure Laser.)

Clinical studies prove the positive impact of low level laser technology in the treatment of pain, orthopedic conditions, inflammation and wounds.

Over 2,000 publications – including more than 100 double-blind studies – have backed the efficacy of low level laser therapy.

B-Cure Laser’s efficacy for the treatment of pain and wounds has been proven in 5 double blind clinical trials  on humans, thus providing an expected high level of efficacy in treatment of pets.

5 other clinical trials are in process.

A successful clinical trial* involving 90 patients, has shown that the efficacy of B-Cure Laser was similar to that of pain relief medication.

*Del Vecchio et al., Joint-Related Pain (TMJ), Sapinza University, Rome, Italy.
Treatment with B-Cure Laser is safe for daily use, with no side-effects. The treatment is non-invasive, and does not involve pain.

There are no contra-indications with medication.

In the case of inflammation, we recommend that treatment begin gradually (See User Guide or specifics).

On the first day, a minute and a half on each location, and then add one minute each day, until you reach the desired protocol of six minutes, twice daily.

Safety precautions:

• Never aim the laser beam at the eyes.

• It is always recommended to consult a veterinary physician.

• If the animal is pregnant do not use the device to treat its’ stomach.

• Do not treat an area with a malignant tumor.


B-Cure Laser works with technology, proven in medicine. B-Cure Laser is a Class 2a medical device.

As of today, B-Cure Laser is on sale in more than twenty countries.

B-Cure Laser is used by veterinarians and leading physiotherapists in the field.

There are various devices on the market, such as Tens, ultrasound, magnets, shock-wave, infrared, etc., which are primarily designed to relieve pain. B-Cure Laser on the other hand may also treat the source of the problem.

Our technology is a class 1 laser, no need for protective goggles. B-Cure Laser uses a Low-Level Laser technology, also known as cold laser, which does not burn or heat the tissue. It is meant to stimulate the cells and the production of ATP on a cellular level.

As of today, there is no other LLLT device on the market, intended for professional home use, with so many case studies proving its high efficacy.

The significance of this difference directly affects the level of penetration of the laser beam, and the efficacy of the effect that B-Cure Laser produces.

B-Cure Laser is designed to work for many years. It is desirable to replace the three rechargeable batteries (AAA) after about eighteen months.

The diode (the component that provides the laser beam), should work for approximately ten years. The replacement of the diode with a new one will cost around 150 $.

In the event of breakdown, please contact customer service.

The B-Cure Laser has a two year’ warranty.

B-Cure Laser is based on soft laser, which is low power laser. It does not heat or cool, is not invasive, and is completely safe. No protective eye-wear or goggles are required.

The device should usually be charged once every few days, for approximately seven hours, or overnight, depending on the scope of use.

When the B-Cure Laser is completely charged, the letters “FULL” appear on the display. In addition, above the two right-hand digits on the display, a full, black line will appear.

When the battery’s power is low, the black line above the two right-hand digits on the display shortens. Furthermore, the batteries should be replaced once every twelve to eighteen months. It is important to make sure that they are AAA chargeable batteries!

After determining the desired spot for the treatment, the B-Cure Laser should not be moved during the treatment, until you continue to the next treatment spot.

It is preferable to place the device on the pet’s skin, not through bandage, etc., except on open wounds, which should be treated from a distance of approximately 0.5 inches from the area to be treated, in order to maintain hygiene.
It is important not to press the device too strongly against the pet’s skin, as it will stop working. The B-Cure Laser should be placed gently, and still, at a right angle to the direction of the area to be treated.

In case of acute pain, it is recommended that you wait five minutes between each treatment, and to apply treatment as many times as possible. For the treatment of long-term pain, it is recommended to conduct two or three treatments every day, and then more if it suits the patient. There is no such thing as an overdose.

The directive is intended to prevent the increase of pain, in cases where  an inflammation has developed. If, after a one-and-a-half-minute treatment, no increase of pain is felt, it is recommended, for the following treatment, to go up to the full treatment protocol of six minutes, twice a day. If pain is felt, then the length of the treatment should be increased gradually, by approximately one additional minute per day, for each spot to be treated, until the full duration is reached.

For every problem, there are recommended spots for treatment. These spots appear on the clinical applications treatment map in that is available on our website and in the instructions guide. You should also feel free to consult the company’s customer service.

B-Cure Laser should not be used when it is connected to the charger.

There is no need to hold any button. You should hold down the left operating button, and, at the same time, press on the main operating button. When you let go of both buttons simultaneously, you set automatic operation of the B-Cure Laser.

Because B-Cure laser is based on soft laser technology, there is no need for any safety measures. However, the device should not be aimed directly at the eyes. Protective goggles are not required.

The warranty covers defective parts and labour. The warranty does not cover the batteries, and the charger. In any event of a fault, please contact customer service.

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