How Pet Laser Therapy Can Alleviate Pain and Speed up Recovery

Although laser treatment has been used for many years in human health, it is now more widely employed in veterinary care. It has numerous and extensive advantages. Pet laser treatment is risk-free and suitable for animals of all ages. Therefore, several veterinary services and clinics employ laser treatment as part of their rehabilitation services to help your pet to have a quicker and more thorough recovery.

What Is Pet Laser Therapy?

Veterinary doctors are constantly looking for better methods to take care of your pets, especially when it comes to pain management. That’s why many of them provide laser treatment to help soothe certain illnesses.

Pet Laser Therapy
The most advanced medical treatment for animals is laser therapy. It may be used at the same time as other therapies, including post-surgery rehabilitation. Laser treatment is a painless, drug-free, and surgery-free method of treating several illnesses. The process is non-intrusive and quite healing and relaxing for animals.

How Will Laser Affect My Pet?

Your veterinarian may recommend laser treatment, which is generally done by certified personnel. They hold a portable therapy laser over the injury on your pet. The laser’s light energy increases cellular production, blood flow, and other physiological effects that aid in promoting healing, alleviating pain, and reducing inflammation.

Your pet’s specific illness and how well they respond to treatment will determine how many and how long their laser therapy sessions will be. Acute problems, such as wounds and surgical incisions, typically only require one or two sessions to start noticing the improvement. Conversely, chronic issues, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis, would require lengthier sessions once or twice a week for a certain amount of time. Once your pet starts recovering, you can reduce the frequency of your laser therapy appointments.

Your Pet Can Use This Treatment If It Suffers from the Following Diseases

A remarkable benefit of laser therapy for pets is its instant effectiveness in pain management; many pets get pain alleviation after only one session. This might be the difference between restoring a pet’s mobility and experiencing persistent discomfort due to age-related joint deterioration or arthritis.

Additionally, laser therapy is an effective type of treatment for both acute and recurring illnesses, including:

  • Surgical site recovery
  • Painful joints with osteoarthritis
  • Skin problems
  • Damage to the spine and back pain
  • Suspensions and strains
  • Dysplastic hips
  • Rehabilitation after a traumatic event
  • Burns
  • Other injuries

We urge you to go see a vet for a consultation if your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition brought on by aging or problems of its muscles, joints, bones, or skin. It may take a few quick laser treatments to significantly improve your pet’s general quality of life and speed up its recovery.

How It Eases Pain

Your pet can benefit greatly from laser therapy for pain alleviation. Laser treatment lessens pain by lowering inflammation through the dilation of blood vessels and the activation of the lymphatic drainage system, which drains swollen regions.

Therefore, there is a decrease in swelling and discomfort. Additionally, the lasers activate nerve cells that lessen nerve sensitivity by preventing the brain from receiving pain signals. Your pet will feel less pain because there is less inflammation and disruption of pain signals to the brain.

How It Helps with Post-op Recovery

During post-operative rehabilitation, veterinary laser treatment is a highly beneficial technique. In minor situations, laser treatment alone could reduce discomfort and speed up recovery. Laser treatments can almost instantly give you the following benefits:

  • Speed up healing
  • Build muscle and tissue
  • Increase mobility
  • Improve your pet’s general quality of life

How Will the Sessions Be?

A technician will place the laser wand firmly over the injured region for three to 10 minutes. The procedure has no unpleasant side effects, and most animals will fall asleep while doing it.

Your pet will be comfortable thanks to the instantaneous pain alleviation, and any initial fear it might experience will vanish soon.

The length and frequency of your pet’s laser treatments will depend on their health, even though improvement is frequently visible from the first appointment. Treatment times might vary, but most locations call for three to 10 minutes. Still, please give your doctor the freedom to plan an effective laser treatment program for your pet.

Does It Have Side Effects?

Laser therapy device is completely pain-free and incredibly soothing. Your pet may experience a mild and calming warmth, tingling, or no feeling at all while the laser is used.

It is regarded as safe and efficient in the veterinary field with no known negative effects.

The Bottom Line

Laser therapy may sound scary to some people, especially pet owners who dread taking their furry loved ones to the vet. However, this is a non-invasive treatment, and as long as you make sure your vets are 100% reliable and properly certified, your pet is sure to go through the treatment without discomfort.

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