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B-Cure Laser Vet can treat your pet with a variety of orthopedic, dental, and skin conditions, including:
hip dysplasia, cruciate ligaments, back pain, wobbler syndrome (neck problems), tendon weakness, elbow arthrosis,
Chronic periodontitis, stomatitis, Chronic otitis, Ruptured anal sacs and fistulas, Pododermatitis, hard to heal wounds,
acral lick granuloma, Facial nerve paralysis.
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Shoulder Arthritis

Laser Therapy for Shoulder Arthritis  Shoulder arthritis (also known as osteoarthritis) occurs when bony abnormalities in the shoulder joint lead to instability, friction, and/or cartilage loss, contributing to pain and inflammation. An underlying orthopedic condition is almost always to blame for the development of shoulder arthritis, but factors such as body weight and genetics also …

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Pododermatitis – Inflammation of Skin of the Paws Pododermatitis (Interdigital Dermatitis) is the inflammation of the interdigital skin; the area of skin in between the toes and footpads. Pododermatitis is a very common canine skin condition that may also affect the nail. Symptoms Symptoms of Pododermatitis in Dogs Your pet may have one or more …

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